Terrell Owens thinks he can still play, wants to come back

Frank Schwab
August 15, 2014
Terrell Owens thinks he can still play, wants to come back

Terrell Owens kind of faded away.

Not really from the public view, because he ends up popping up here and there in reality shows or whatever else. But from the NFL. He went from a good 2010 season with Cincinnati, with 72 catches, 983 yards and nine touchdowns, to just being done. He didn't retire because he wasn't ready to quit. It's just that nobody would give him a job.

Owens showed up in Oxnard, Calif. this week to check out Cowboys training camp. He even hung out with actor Dennis Haskins, who is better known as Mr. Belding on "Saved By The Bell."

From all accounts he still looked in great shape at age 40, and he sounded quite confident that he could still play.

"Absolutely," Owens told ESPNDallas.com. "What kind of question is that? I worked out this morning. Looking good. Always looking to do something. 

"You know, it's all in God's hands. You've just got to have the faith of a mustard seed and anything can happen. I haven't ruled it out. I haven't retired. I've kept myself in good enough shape to go in and help somebody if need be, but right now I'm in LA, doing some acting stuff, doing some business stuff.”

The thing is, Owens might actually be right. He's one of the greatest receivers in NFL history with 15,934 yards and 153 touchdowns, and even though that 2010 season is a few years ago now, he was pretty good the last time we saw him.

It's also no surprise that a workout warrior like Owens is still in tremendous shape. There are a lot of teams that could use help at receiver. However, we also know why Owens hasn't gotten any calls.

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Owens had a habit of creating drama and burning bridges, which is why he ended up bouncing around plenty of teams during his career. Even if he would be more productive than some rookie receiver at the end of the roster, but that rookie is not going to draw any attention and will get paid a lot less too.

So fair or not, Owens waits around hoping for a chance that probably everyone would agree is never going to come. But he's ready, just in case.

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