Terrell Owens says he’ll retire if he doesn’t get another chance this season

Jay Busbee
Shutdown Corner

Terrell Owens has not retired. He reminds you of this, even though he hasn't caught a pass in a regular-season game in two and a half years. He reminds you of this because, as he told CBS Sports, if he doesn't catch on this year, he'll really retire for real.

"If I play this year, that'd be awesome," Owens said. "If I don't play this year, I'm retiring ... That's just me being realistic. I want to play again. I want to go out on top with a team. I think I can still play, but if I don't sign with a team, it would be time to retire. I have to be honest with myself."

Owens, like many receivers of the 2000s, has a public persona that's all but overwhelmed his astonishing on-field achievements. He ranks second only to Jerry Rice in receiving yards, and ranks third behind Rice and Randy Moss in touchdowns.

But he's also widely perceived as toxic; one general manager told CBS that the chances of an NFL team signing Owens were zero. (Another put the odds at 40 percent, but only if a team loses a receiver to injury.)

These days, Owens makes most headlines for his attempts to become a professional bowler. He last signed an NFL contract last August, when he ran a 4.46 40 for Seattle, but was cut later that month. He still believes he wasn't given enough of a chance, and would like the chance to retire on his own terms.

"I haven't been given the opportunity to go out the way I should go out," he said. And he may not get the chance.

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