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Chris Chase

How do teams fare in the season of a 'Hard Knocks' appearance?

Shutdown Corner

This week, Joe Namath said the New York Jets were distracted by this summer's appearance on HBO's "Hard Knocks".

"[Being on the show] didn't allow them to think about their job," the Hall of Fame quarterback said in a radio interview.

Though it's far too early to bury the Jets season, we thought we'd take a look at how each of the previous five "Hard Knocks" subjects did in the year of their appearances. The sample size is obviously too small to make any direct correlations, but it's interesting to note that of the five teams that have appeared on the show, only one posted a better record in their "Hard Knocks" season when compared to the year before:

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Every winning team that has appeared on "Hard Knocks" saw a dip in victories the year that HBO's cameras came into training camp. Of the three teams to have made the playoffs in the previous season, two missed out in the "Hard Knocks" year.

Only last year's Cincinnati Bengals posted an improved record after "Hard Knocks".

What does this mean for the Jets? Not much at the moment but, fairly or not, you can bet that if the struggles continue for Gang Green, "Hard Knocks" and the bravado that accompanied it will be blamed for the troubles.

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