Tampa Bay Buccaneers won’t feature the quarterback or the uniforms on their tickets this week

Eric Edholm
September 27, 2013

There will be a day when you can whip out your smartphone, have a bar code scanned by a stadium employee and walk to your seat.

That day is near. It is not here, however. And if it was, it could help prevent certain awkwardness in antiquated paper tickets.

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Witness the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who already qualify for the early-season Team That Could Use A Break Award. Their tickets for the home game Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals are, um, a bit outdated.

Yeah, that's Josh Freeman, now the backup quarterback. And those are the throwback "Bucco Bruce" helmets and creamsickle uniforms that the team was supposed to wear for this game but cannot because of safety concerns.

That's Oh-for-two. Add that up to an 0-3 mark in the standings, and the Bucs just can't seem to win anything.

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