Sunday Combine Scouting Report: WR Kendall Wright, Baylor

Doug Farrar

(From inside Lucas Oil Stadium, during Sunday's quarterback/receiver drills...)

For a speed receiver, Wright looked bigger than he should have -- too thick around the trunk especially. His unofficial 4.61 40 was matched by the fact that he looked much slower on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium than he ever did on Baylor tape. He came out of the blocks all over the place on his 40 -- he didn't look quite as slow as his time represented, but his overall performance was a disappointment. On tape, he looks a bit like Victor Cruz -- a potential speed slot receiver able to really open things up in three-receiver sets.

Wright stutter-stopped on his cut in the 13-yard comeback out route, though he did do a good job of staying on bounds to make the catch. His best catch of the say was the long seam route, which shouldn't be a surprise, since that's the route he killed everyone with in college. He did have nice hand catches in both gauntlets, but he was very wavy on the line; he couldn't keep himself straight. He seems like a player who's used to outrunning his mistakes.

Wright adjusted to an overthrow inside on the short cut route. He rounded of his route a bit, though it wasn't the worst route he ran all day. The 10-yard out-and-up was more of a problem -- he has a tendency to round off his routes, or start and stop instead of slamming a speed cut. He had another stutter-step on the 13-yard dig, though he made a good adjustment catch. He had decent speed on the deep route on the numbers, but couldn't catch an overthrow by Kellen Moore (yes, an overthrow by Kellen Moore. Believe it!)

Wright looked okay on the 10-yard out-and-up, but he was sloppy off the blocks on the 13-yard dig in. The second cut was better than the first, and he had a nice catch on that drill.