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Sticking around Washington wouldn't be a bad thing for JC

Shutdown Corner

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In the aftermath of the Donovan McNabb bombshell, there's a lot of sympathy out there for former starter Jason Campbell(notes). For example, this crafty little headline.

And I understand the sympathy. In a way, Campbell's been in sort of a miniature McNabb situation in Washington: He has unfairly shouldered a lot of the criticism for the shortcomings of an entire organization.

Now, I'm not suggesting that the criticism has been as harsh, or that Campbell has been as good as McNabb. It's a miniature version all around. Campbell's young career has been tougher than it's needed to be. Because of offseasons spending, expectations are always unreasonably high in Washington, and at the same time, Campbell was thrust into a high-profile starting job he maybe wasn't ready for.

So when the wins don't come, people think, "But the Redskins have all this wonderful talent, so it must be Campbell's fault." The truth, though, is that the talent isn't all that wonderful, and Campbell, who is not a great quarterback (but might someday be), is forced to take the blame for that.

All the talk today is about trading Campbell and where he might end up, but if Campbell himself has any say in the situation, my advice for him would be this: Stay in Washington. You're still in the developmental stage of your career, so what good would it do you to go compete for a starting job in Buffalo or Oakland? You're not good enough to turn those teams into winners. You can't do anything there but get pounded.

Stick around in Washington. Take the pressure off of yourself and relax. Learn from Donovan McNabb(notes), who can and will teach you a lot about playing the position, and handling a high-stress situation.

Then, a year from now, maybe there's a better situation available for you with another team, and you'll be better and wiser when that opportunity presents itself.

In the short term, yes, this might look like a knife in the back of Jason Campbell. Long-term, though, it could turn out to be the best thing that's ever happened to him.

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