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Snap Decisions: Will weather impact Peyton?

Shutdown Corner

Rodney Harrison says that the Texans do have a chance to beat the Patriots, but they’re going to have to run the ball 35-40 times to establish the running game and open up play action plays for Matt Schaub. Rodney also likes the Packers next week in their matchup against the 49ers. Even though they’re a big-play offense, they’ve been patient as of late in establishing their running game and have been spreading the ball around. Harrison moves on to the Broncos and says that if there’s bad weather in Denver next week, it could impact Peyton Manning’s play.

If it’s raining or snowing, Peyton could struggle. Looking back at Ray Lewis’ career, Rodney thinks that the Ravens linebacker could be one of the top 10 players to have ever played the game. Rodney says that he doesn’t think Andy Reid will be able to turn things around too quickly in Kansas City. The first thing he’ll need is a really solid quarterback. He also thinks Chip Kelly is the best coaching candidate still out there.

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