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Snake! Several Seahawks get Punk'd

Doug Farrar
Shutdown Corner

Former USC and current Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is known as a man who enjoys a good practical joke. And when he came back to the NFL after a decade at USC to coach the Seattle Seahawks, he brought his hilarity with him. Or so it seemed.

The actual instigators of the NFL Prank of the Year were the Seahawks' equipment guys, who rigged up a fake snake in a Gatorade cooler. The cooler was placed in the office of Mo Kelly, the team's Director of Player Development. A hidden camera showed what happened when players were asked if they'd tried the newest flavor of the refreshing beverage. When the cooler opened, wackines ensued, as we can see from this video put together by the team:

"It scared the heck out of me," quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said. That may be, but Hasselbeck gets major points as the only guy with the guts to pull that snake right out of there. Defensive tackle Craig Terrill(notes) agreed. "I kind of knew something was up but it was still so freaky because his head was moving back and forth."

It's a nice respite for the Seahawks before they travel to Minnesota to face the Vikings. Hopefully, the players will be a bit more proactive about picking up the stunts presented by Jared Allen(notes) and Ray Edwards(notes).

Carroll may not have been involved, but he certainly couldn't disapprove. Back at USC, he once had defensive end Everson Griffen(notes) set up with a fake arrest for "abusing a freshman." Carroll brought in rent-a-cops and everything, and Griffen's teammates were convinced that he was headed to the pokey, until the film started and Griffen was shown "abusing" freshman guard Matt Meyer on a block in practice.

He also convinced his team that defensive end Kyle Moore(notes) was busted by the cops in an internet piracy ring before taking all the players bowling, and signed off on this very disturbing tribute from Will Ferrell. He's got a million of ‘em.

Domo Arigato, Pete -- you're quite the card.

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