Shutdown Corner Podcast: Is the NFC East overexposed?

Jay Busbee
September 10, 2013

New week, new episode of the Shutdown Corner podcast! This week, your faithful Shutdown hosts Kevin Kaduk, Frank Schwab and Jay Busbee are putting a bow on Week 1 in the National! Football! League!

Our first topic: is the NFC East overexposed? Dallas and New York got the marquee Sunday night game, followed by Philadelphia and Washington in the leadoff Monday Night Football spot. Is this too much East Coast bias? Or are these teams worth watching on their own merits?

Obviously, there are marquee quarterbacks at all four teams, as you can see above. And the Giants, Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins all have at least semi-decent teams. But in a league that features some high-octane play farther west, these four might, like the Yankees and Red Sox, draw more than their fair share of attention.

Also in this episode, we discuss our best and worst of the week, and we'll make Seahawks, 49ers and, yes, Raiders fans very happy. We'll also tell you which teams are already in real trouble, and we challenge Frank with another lightning round of questions (without the use of real lightning ... yet).

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Enjoy, and we'll be back on Friday with an episode previewing Week 2. Seeya!

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