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The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Greg Cosell on the AFC South Draft

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Houston's Whitney Mercilus is more than a one-year wonder. (Getty Images)

With the draft over and all wrapped up, we thought it would be a good idea to get back on the phone with our buddy Greg Cosell of NFL Films and ESPN's "NFL Matchup," and talk about the NFL by division. Who did themselves the most favors in the draft, and who came up short when addressing their roster deficits?

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Greg Cosell on the AFC South Draft

We started off with the NFC West a month ago, jumped to the hyper-competitive AFC North, and then moved to the NFC South and NFC East. Now, it's time to turn our attention to the AFC South. What did the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans do to update their rosters? Greg also discussed the pros and cons of the NFL's decision to make "All-22" film available for public viewing on every play in the upcoming season, and you can also see a transcript of his thoughts in this article.

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On Houston Texans first-round pick Whitney Mercilus' alleged "one-year wonder" status: "I'm not saying there aren't cases where that's been true, but that's an individual thing. If you want to generalize with anything, there will always be examples on either side. I would rather evaluate a player's skill set based on how I go about doing it ... we have our certain sets of principles we use when we evaluate. He passes all tests you look for when you want to say, down the road, he can be a really good NFL pass-rusher in that kind of defense."

On the Indianapolis Colts' second-round pick, TE Coby Fleener: "I think he's going to be a good player. He's primarily a movement player -- that's what he did at Stanford. He did block on occasion, because clearly that's the nature of their offense, and he'll probably do that with Indianapolis. But for the most part, I think he's a detached player. You line him up on the outside, or flex or in the slot, and I think that's what he does best."

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Greg Cosell on the AFC South Draft

On Jacksonville Jaguars first-round receiver Justin Blackmon: "Blackmon is at his best working the short to intermediate areas. Think of how Roddy White is used in Atlanta -- and I'm not saying that Blackmon is Roddy White this season -- but Roddy White doesn't run a lot of vertical routes unless it's a specifically designed shot play. He works a lot of shorter routes in the middle of the field. A lot of crossers and drag-type routes. I could easily see Blackmon doing that, and being very successful."

On Tennessee Titans first-round receiver Kendall Wright: "Depending on how teams use players, at times, we categorize [slot receivers] a certain way. Is Wes Welker a No. 1 receiver? I think Kendall Wright can line up in many different places,  and he's not necessarily just a slot receiver in the NFL. He may be initially, but he'll line up outside as well. He can run, and I don't care what his 40 time was, but he can run."

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The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Greg Cosell on the AFC South Draft

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