Shutdown Corner Podcast 5: Quarterback controversies in Washington, Minnesota already? Sure, why not?

Jay Busbee
September 17, 2013

We're two weeks into the season, and that means it's time for quarterback controversies to well up! Of course it does, because we're NFL fans and we're never happy! Fans in Washington are calling to replace Robert Griffin III, which is insane. Fans in Minnesota are calling to replace Christian Ponder, which is insane because the backup is Matt Cassell. Fans in New York are calling for the Jets to replace Geno Smith, which is insane because they're fans of the Jets.

No matter how you slice it, quarterback controversies make for good talkin'. So that's what we're doing in this week's Tuesday ep of the Shutdown Corner podcast. Frank Schwab, Kevin Kaduk and Jay Busbee give you all the football they can cram into 30 minutes, with some helpful "Breaking Bad" nods and the occasional plea for Buffalo Wild Wings sponsorship. It's well worth your time.

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