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Shutdown Corner Podcast 28: In which we admit our mistakes (Also: Tebow!)

Jay Busbee
Shutdown Corner

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The Houston Texans are going to the Super Bowl! ... or not. (Getty Images)

We are football writers and commentators, yes, but unlike some of our brethren, we don't think we're geniuses. Quite the opposite, in fact. So it's not particularly surprising to see that we've been wrong, way WAY wrong, on some of our predictions for this season. In light of the Jaguars' win on Thursday night (they're still alive in the playoff race!) we consider some of the many ways we've missed out and misfired on our predictions for this season.

And hey, speaking of misfiring: we talk a little bit about Tim Tebow, that great football cipher. Sure, he's probably done in the NFL, but what's next? Why did he get so big so fast? Are there any athletes comparable to him in the gulf between fame and achievement? Busbee goes with Danica Patrick, and Frank goes with post-scandal Tiger Woods, because Frank is insane.

Also on the docket: discussion of bad New Orleans pizza, our locks and upsets of the week, and much much more.

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