Shutdown Corner Podcast 19: Incognito in plain sight

Jay Busbee
November 5, 2013

The NFL's got a serious new problem on its hands. Big surprise, right? Richie Incognito and his merry band of rookie-wringing thugs in Miami may be a local problem, or they may be emblematic of a larger stain on the entire NFL. This time around on the podcast, we take on the "bullying" issue: is it legit? Where does it originate? What can the NFL do? (Spoiler: yes, childhood, not much.)

Ah, but before that, we have a bit of fun as Kaduk gloats about the Bears' victory over Schwab's Packers. With Rodgers' injury, the NFC North is now wide open. This is Detroit's opportunity to seize an unexpected playoff berth, and with Carolina suddenly surging, it appears the only way to January from the NFC North is through the top.

We conclude with the usual lightning round and a breakdown of the best stadiums in the NFL to watch a game. After the last couple freewheeling eps, this one is surprisingly football-centric. Enjoy.

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