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Seattle Seahawks fans torn on Starbucks’ 12-cent coffee promotion?

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You can't blame Seattle residents if they are a bit ambivalent on this one.

On the one hand, anytime anyone offers the coffee-guzzling residents a 12-cent coffee, their ears are going to perk up. But when it's Howard Schultz doing the offering, then their scruples are seriously tested.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz built a java empire in the great Northwest, but he's also not a roundly loved man in Seattle. For SuperSonics fans, he's the man who failed to keep the NBA team in town. But for coffee drinkers, he's also the man whose company is offering 12-cent coffees to Seahawks fans proudly showing their 12th Man pride in participating area stores on "Blue Friday" this week.

(Actually, it comes out to 13 cents with tax, but who is counting?)


Schultz was Public Enemy No. 1 in Seattle in 2006 when, after failing to convince the city to fund a new downtown arena, he sold the team to Oklahoma-based businessman Clayton Bennett who later moved the team to its current home in Oklahoma City, now known as the Thunder. Basically, Seattle fans thought that Schultz had their team (and Kevin Durant) stolen from them because of his missteps along the way.

But now he's offering cheap joe. Hmm, what to do ...

We combed Twitter a little and found a variety of takes on the matter.

I will buy Starbucks coffee for 12 cents tomorrow, but only because I know they're losing money on it.

— Jeff Nusser (@NussCoug) January 16, 2014

Howard Schultz must be trying to make up for partial responsibility in driving the Sonics out of town!>

— Bradley Sund (@bradsund) January 17, 2014

Seattle area Starbucks selling large coffee for 12 cents today to anyone wearing Seahawks gear. If you wear 49ers gear you pay $49

— Bryan May (@BMayNews10) January 17, 2014

Stopped by @starbucks to grab my $0.12 coffee & sold 6 shirts. These fans are CRAZY! #Seahawks #Seattle #Bob RT

— Tony Madalone (@TMadCLE) January 17, 2014

As you can see, the responses were a bit all over the map. But according to early reports, lines are going around the blocks of stores in and around the Emerald City. Hey, people up there love their Seahawks, and yeah, they love cheap coffee, too.

Can you blame them for taking advantage of such a sweet deal? Or should angry Seattleites protest Schultz for his failing to keep the Sonics in town?

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