Seahawks-themed wedding is a lime-green delight

Jay Busbee
June 11, 2013

Brides of the 21st century, you have our respect. First there was the bride creating the JJ Watt wedding cake, and now we have a full Seahawks-themed wedding party. That's some gamesmanship, ladies. (Gentlemen who benefit from this, we don't expect to hear any whining from you about shopping trips, foreign films or wine tastings anytime soon.)

Behold the 'Hawk-themed nuptials of Ryan and Janna Willmaser. Ryan's been a season ticketholder since 2005, and when the time came to plan their wedding, well, a theme emerged:

“Janna liked a nice spring green and black for the wedding colors, so when we were out shopping for the guys shirts, naturally the lime green kept pulling me in,” Ryan told the Seahawks' official blog. “I guess the human mind gravitates toward what it thinks about most.”

The couple got married last weekend in Auburn, Wash., and yes, the Seahawks were part of their wedding vows: “I asked her if she would vow to always love the Seahawks and she replied with the promise to always root for the Hawks,” Ryan said. “We got a good laugh out of everyone in attendance.”

Fortunately for the groom, the bride did not utilize a Russell Wilson-style read-option offense, and ended up going with her No. 1 target.

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