Seahawks end first half with no time left, and no points in red-zone debacles

Doug Farrar

The Seattle Seahawks went into the visitors' locker room at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta down 20-0, and with nobody to blame but themselves. A defense that has been stout all season allowed 268 yards on 34 plays, and the Falcons converted four of their seven third-down opportunities. On offense, Seattle was far more worrisome -- especially in the red zone. With 6:22 left in the second quarter, the Seahawks had the ball at the Atlanta 11-yard line and two downs to do something with it.

On third-and-1, and with Marshawn Lynch on the sideline, rookie running back Robert Turbin couldn't convert. Pete Carroll got Lynch back on the field for fourth-and-1, and Russell Wilson handed the ball off to Michael Robinson, who couldn't get to the first-down marker on the fullback blast. Had Robinson been blocking for Lynch, he most likely would have picked up safety William Moore, who crashed in to stop Robinson.

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Then, at the end of the half, the Seahawks went through a series of plays that will haunt them all offseason. Seattle drove well on a journey that started from their own 20-yard line with 4:16 left in the game, but they could not score despite eight total plays in the Atlanta red zone. A false start penalty on left tackle Russell Okung didn't help, nor did a Jonathan Babineaux sack of Russell Wilson with time running down at the end of the half. The Seahawks couldn't get back to the line of scrimmage for another play back from the Falcons' 20-yard line, and they had burned all of their timeouts.

On the final play of the half, it appeared as if Wilson got the snap before the clock ran out, but as the Seahawks' line wasn't set, it would have been a penalty and a 10-second runoff.

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