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Seahawks or Broncos? Here are Shutdown Corner’s Super Bowl predictions

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Shutdown Corner

With Super Bowl XLVIII almost upon us, it's time to predict what will happen.

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WE. CANNOT. WAIT! (by traceloops )

WE. CANNOT. WAIT! (by traceloops )

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Before the season we at Shutdown Corner made our guesses about the 2013-14 NFL season, and only Jay Busbee correctly picked the Seattle-Denver matchup for the Super Bowl. The rest of us will at least try to pick this game right, as the Shutdown crew gives our predicted final score, MVP and analysis of Sunday's championship game:

Broncos 23, Seahawks 17
MVP: Peyton Manning

If you spent this season betting against Peyton Manning, sorry for your loss. This is probably Manning's final opportunity to win another Super Bowl, and there is no way he lets this opportunity slip away. When the game is over, Manning will be the Disney World commercial.

Broncos 20, Seahawks 16
MVP: Peyton Manning

This season has been all Peyton, all the time, so why will the ending be any different? Manning knows how rare these opportunities are and he's not going to let another one pass him by. The Seahawks defense is going to pose a strong challenge and the two kickers are going to get plenty of work — but nothing will stop Manning from adding a second Lombardi to his legacy.

Seahawks 26, Broncos 20
MVP: Marshawn Lynch

He might not be able to completely run from the media — and the Super Bowl MVP gets his own postgame podium, remember — but Lynch will be the difference maker in this game, outrunning the Broncos. He and the Seahawks defense will be the tone setters early, and even though they can't keep Manning down for four quarters, Lynch will be the closer, too.

Broncos 28, Seahawks 24
MVP: Peyton Manning

This will be a no-lead-is-safe game. I expect Denver will get on the board early and often, not from complex offensive strategy but just from breaking some big plays for huge yardage. Seattle's D will settle down, but the damage will have been done, and Denver goes into the half with a two-touchdown lead. It doesn't last, as Seattle roars on back and puts the ball in Russell Wilson's hands with less than two minutes, down by four. Wilson is great, but the Denver D is better, and holds on for the win.

Seattle 24, Denver 21
MVP: Percy Harvin

I took Seattle before the season (and the only one to pick the freaking Bengals to go to the Super Bowl a few weeks ago, but don't mind that), so I'm sticking with the Seahawks. They were the best team in the regular season. I think their defense is one of the few that can match up with Denver's passing game. Seattle's offense can control the clock. And I just have a hunch that Harvin, the team's most explosive offensive player even though he hasn't played much, is going to hit a few big plays.

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