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Russell Wilson shows off before the game by throwing a TD over a choir practicing in the end zone

There's a lot going on in an NFL stadium long before the fans are let in, and sometimes a quarterback ends up with a huge choir in the end zone while he's trying to warm up.

That obstacle just allowed Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson to show off a little bit.

Wilson was trying to warm up before the game against the Colts, and the choir was in the end zone practicing for its routine as part of the game festivities. Wilson is listed at 5-11 and is one of the shortest quarterbacks in the NFL, so it's not like he could see over the choir to the back of the end zone very well. But he still managed to loft a pass over the singers and right onto the hands of his teammate in the corner of the end zone.

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Just look at how ridiculous that throw is. His receiver had almost no room in the back of the end zone, it appears to be a fairly long throw and Wilson drops it right on his hands as he stands with his toes on the back line. Wilson couldn't have handed it to him with much more accuracy.

It didn't help Wilson lead the Seahawks to a win, as the Colts beat them 34-28, but it was still a pretty cool trick.

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