Rumors: Randy Moss to stay with Patriots at a bargain price

Pro Football Talk has been passing along rumors about it all morning, and now ESPN's getting in on it, too. Word on the street is that Randy Moss is about to sign a three-year deal to remain with the Patriots.

The deal is reportedly for $27 million over the three years, with no word on how much of that is guaranteed.

Seems like a bargain basement price for a guy who turned the Patriots offense into a an 18-1 juggernaut. I find it hard to believe that some other team out there like the Eagles or the Titans couldn't find more than $27 million over three years for the game's most explosive receiver, coming off arguably the best season any receiver's ever had.

Alan Faneca, a past-his-prime guard, got a five-year deal for $40 million. Asante Samuel signed for six years and $57 million with the Eagles. Justin Smith got six years and $45 million from the 49ers. What Moss is getting is not much more than Donte Stallworth or Bernard Berrian money.

It's hard to believe that three years, $27 million is the most anyone could find for Moss? For shame, NFL owners, for letting the Patriots keep Moss with such a low price tag.

Pats Closing in on Deal with Moss / Pro Football Talk
Source: Moss, Pats closing in on three-year, $27 million deal / ESPN