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Rosenhaus: T.O. is fine, not retiring, will be ready in August

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Drew Rosenhaus, agent for Terrell Owens, called into "SportsCenter" Tuesday to talk about the reports that Terrell Owens was considering retirement after tearing his ACL.

You're not going to believe this, but Rosenhaus framed T.O.'s recovery in a positive light. From the AP:

In an interview with ESPN, Rosenhaus called speculation that Owens was considering retirement "nonsense" and said the 15-year veteran is doing "fantastic" and could be recovered as early as August.

Rosenhaus said Dr. James Andrews performed the surgery to the same knee in which Owens tore his meniscus late last year.

"The old injury has been repaired," Rosenhaus said. "He is many months into recovery and doing fantastic. No predictions on training camp, but he comes back fast from injuries. I won't rule him out of anything. He will be a starting receiver for someone this year."

Rosenhaus also called the injury "no big deal," which is the first time I've ever heard an ACL tear described as "no big deal." Apparently, Doctor Rosenhaus has been spending his lockout time in the lab, engineering significant scientific advances in how we treat complete tears of the anterior cruciate ligament. Bless his heart.

Obviously, it's no surprise that Rosenhaus thinks Owens can recover from this. That's his job, and it might also be his personal opinion, as Terrell Owens has recovered remarkably well from injuries before.

But that Owens is willing to play and that Owens will play are two different things. He'll still need to find a team, and even if the injury is as minor as Rosenhaus would have you believe, it's certainly still going to give teams pause before signing Owens to a contract.

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