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Roger Goodell is not amused by the Cupid Shuffle

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If there's anything that the NFL hates more than players having fun, it's players having premeditated fun. Three Miami Dolphins, including Ronnie Brown, have been fined $10,000 each for breaking into the "Cupid Shuffle" after a Brown touchdown against the Chargers.

I remember seeing Brown and a couple of linemen dance after a score, but at the time, it didn't register with me as premeditated. I thought it was just three adult men in tight pants, frolicking about in the grass in a spontaneous and celebratory way. Where's the harm in that?

But Brown admitted to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that the Cupid Shuffle was rehearsed, and they had practiced it ahead of time. Even though it didn't draw a flag on the play, upon further review by the league office, each player involved will be coughing up $10,000.

That's not a problem for Ronnie Brown or Vernon Carey, but Ikechuku Ndukwe makes the league minimum. That's a large chunk of change for a dance that I didn't even recognize as premeditated. The lesson here? Practice harder and choreograph better.

Jake Long was originally scheduled to be a member of the dance team, but dropped out at the last second, because he didn't want to be fined. Jake Long, being no fun? Why, I don't believe it!

You can see Long opting out of the Shufflefest and Ronnie Brown and his teammates breaking it down, by clicking right here (skip ahead to about the 5:30 mark).

I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't immediately recognize the Cupid Shuffle in action. I'd like to blame it on bad dancing, but I can't. This one's on me, gang. I let my membership into the Cupid Fan Club lapse, and I'm embarrassed about that. When I let things like that happen, I break the trust that I have with you, the valued reader. I owe it to you to know Cupid better.

Heck, I didn't even know there was a Cupid Shuffle. This song was released back in February of 2007, and I had no idea. That's one year, seven months, and 8 days ago ... which means if it hasn't swept the nation by now, it's probably not going to. Maybe the league ought to tack on an extra $1,000 on to the fine for doing an old, lame dance.

Here's Cupid and his "famous" Shuffle. I'm not sure which part of this Brown and fabulous dance troop were recreating.

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