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Robert Griffin III says anyone taking shots at his dad ‘needs to back up’

Frank Schwab
Shutdown Corner

Robert Griffin III's father, Robert II, made an unexpected visit to the Redskins' locker room after Monday night's game to make sure his son was not hurt after taking many hits against the 49ers.

This was unusual, because family members are almost never in the locker room after a game. Some criticized the Griffins for it, even though it didn't appear that Griffin's father did any harm. It looked a bit like the Washington quarterback was getting preferential treatment, but that's also not unheard of.

Basically, Robert Griffin II was being a protective dad, and happened to get past the velvet rope to check on his son's well being. Robert Griffin III was not pleased with any criticism of his father for that.

"He showed up, I was shocked that he was there, but he meant no harm," Griffin said, according to "Anybody out there that's going after my dad needs to back up. That is my father. I will protect my family and he served 21 years in the military. I know that's not an excuse for anything that he does, but he's not overstepping his bounds. So I hope that people will respect that and back off."

Griffin has a point. His father had good intentions, and everyone knows what a brutal sport football can be (the hit that seemed to worry the Griffins was when, in Robert's words, he was "kicked in the gonads" ... he said he's OK, adding "There will be a Griffin the Fourth"). It was very unusual that he was in the locker room, but it's also not the worst thing anyone has done.

"No mom wants to see their kid out there getting hit at all," Griffin said. "So like I said, it was just him being a father, my mom being a mother and there's no problem in that."

Over the last few weeks, as the Redskins season has gone downhill and Griffin has struggled to replicate his offensive rookie of the year form from last season, the criticism of Griffin has gotten louder and louder. His words have been dissected and his play on the field has been picked apart. For the most part he has handled that well.

You can't blame him for being a bit peeved about this mini-controversy.

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