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Robert Griffin III is headed to Washington

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As fans in the nation's capitol had hoped, the Washington Redskins used their first-round draft pick to choose Robert Griffin III from Baylor. He's the number two pick overall, and was coveted by the Redskins for both his ability to step in and play now and his potential to grow as a quarterback.

He was ranked first overall in our scouting reports for that same reason:

I put Griffin on top because he's already got so much together, and over time, I believe that he has the potential to be the kind of quarterback we've never seen before -- at least, not before in anything but short sports. There was the Michael Vick who torched the bejeezus out of the Washington Redskins a couple years back, there was the Randall Cunningham who proved to be athletically unstoppable for a while, and there are elements of Aaron Rodgers' deep accuracy in what Griffin does. He's not where Luck is right now, but he's got a shot to go far beyond Luck (and just about everyone else) over time.

And that's what makes Griffin's pro comparison so difficult. Vick seems like a default and lazy choice -- better to compare him to Randall Cunningham at his best (which we didn't see quite enough) and wonder just how supernatural the upside can be. If you could somehow combine the 1990 Cunningham who rushed for 8 yards per carry, and the 1998 Cunningham who led the league in touchdown percentage with the NFL's most explosive offense until the 2007 Patriots ... well, that's what I see at times. Somewhere between Superman and Frankenstein.

Does RGIII have Frankenstein socks?

Pro Comparison: Randall Cunningham, Philadelphia Eagles/Minnesota Vikings

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