Rob Gronkowski shaves his head for cancer awareness

Doug Farrar
Shutdown Corner

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is known for a great many things. We know him as the man who set a record for touchdown catches at his position in 2011 with 17. We know him as the man who freaked out on YouTube when attempting to get his face on the cover of Madden '13. We know him as the man who was willing to sacrifice Tim Tebow's virginity, and we know him as the man who has spent time with a certain member of the adult film industry.

As teammate Wes Welker recently told Shutdown Corner about Gronk, "He's just one of those guys -- he's funny, and he's just being himself. We always tell him, 'Dude, don't change for anything.' It's pretty comical to watch. I encourage it a little too much, I must admit. Believe it or not, he's a pretty intelligent guy. He does a good job of being in the plays for the coaches, and he's so physically gifted, that he's able to make some plays for us."

One thing we'd like to encourage is what Gronk recently did for the One Mission's Buzz For Kids event -- he had his head shaved at Gillette Stadium on Sunday morning to raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer, and to help families deal with the issue. The event raised about $500,000, and 450 people volunteered to get buzzed.

As you would expect, Gronk had the crowd going the whole time. "I thought I was getting a number two," he said while the buzz was happening. Then, when appraising the new cut on its conclusion, he said, "It looks better than Tom Brady's."

"It's a great foundation," Gronkowski told the Boston Herald. "The least is buzzing off my hair, that's all I can do to help out. That's no problem. That's easy to do.

"I saw many of the kids already. They're all having a blast. They're all having a lot of fun, too. It's cool seeing that. It makes you cherish your life more when you see little kids that are age 5, age 10, and they have cancer right now, going through a tough time. It's great to put a smile on their face being out here with them. It puts a smile on your face, too, seeing them smile. I'm having a real blast out here."

In football news, Gronkowski said that the ankle he had surgery on four months ago is coming along very well. You may remember that he had to answer a few questions about that during the Super Bowl's media day, and he was a bit generic in his answers at the time.

"Just taking it day by day," Gronkowski said on Sunday, which is exactly what he said back in February. "Everything is going well, just feeling better every single week."

We're with Welker on this one -- Grock should never change. Especially when he's interested in helping others.