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Richard Seymour says ‘no way’ to a reunion with New England Patriots

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Scratch off one name from your Replacing Vince Wilfork Wishlist, New England Patriots fans. And it might have been a name near the top — or at least near and dear to your hearts.

Richard Seymour, currently a free agent, told the Boston Herald that, if called, he would decline any advances from his old team.

"No way," he said, chuckling.

Seymour, 33, is an Atlanta native who no doubt watched the Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons Sunday night, and he probably felt badly for former teammate Wilfork suffering a season-ending Achilles injury. But he also won't be throwing a pity party for them, either.

The Patriots and Seymour split on bad terms, as Bill Belichick traded him for a future first-round pick when it became clear the team wasn't going to re-sign the free-agent-to-be. Seymour last played for the Oakland Raiders last season but rebuffed offers from the Falcons (and other teams) when his financial demands were not met. He currently, per the report, is working on his pilot's license.

To be fair, there was no indication that the Patriots intended to reach out to Seymour in the first place. They tend to go the cheap route when it comes to in-season replacements, although there are obvious exceptions — such as last season's trade for cornerback Aqib Talib, one of the heroes from the Sunday night victory that raised the Patriots to 4-0.

So while you can't rule out a dramatic trade or signing to help replace Wilfork, you can rule out one big name. You will not see more Seymour in New England.

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