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Report says Denver Broncos will try to take back $1.25 million of Von Miller’s signing bonus

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ESPN's report that the Denver Broncos will attempt to recoup $1.25 million of linebacker Von Miller's signing bonus is more interesting for the battle about to be waged than the money itself.

Teams often try to recoup signing bonus money from players who have gotten into trouble, as Miller has with his six-game suspension for violating the league's drug policy. But most teams probably wouldn't want to agitate one of their superstars over a relatively small sum.

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ESPN reported the news that the Broncos will take back $1.25 million from Miller's bonus money. The report said the Broncos will automatically withhold the money from Miller's paychecks when he returns. The ESPN report said NFL executives claim the Broncos "had no choice" because of how the league wants to operate. That would make sense, considering the team has to know Miller will likely be upset with the team considering his total loss from his suspension will rise to more than $2 million with the signing bonus loss.

Not surprisingly, Miller's representatives appear ready to fight it.

ESPN reported that Miller's lawyers don't think returning part of his signing bonus was part of the settlement reached with the NFL.

It's setting up a bit of a showdown between a team with Super Bowl aspirations and a player who is instrumental in those hopes, not to mention the acrimony it could cause when Miller is ready to sign his second contract.

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