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Report: Brett Favre 'heavily involved' in recruiting Tomlinson

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Before signing with the Jets over the weekend, LaDainian Tomlinson(notes) was first wooed by the Minnesota Vikings. As we saw before last season, no coach is willing to prostrate himself before an aging star better than Brad Childress, so I was a little surprised it didn't work.

There was some speculation that Tomlinson was concerned about joining up with the Vikings, and then learning that Brett Favre(notes) wouldn't be coming back. But according to Bob Glauber of Newsday, Favre was actively involved in trying to convince Tomlinson to put on the purple and yellow.

A source familiar with the Vikings situation told me that Favre was heavily involved in the recruitment process late last week for running back LaDainian Tomlinson. It is believed that Favre spoke to Tomlinson by phone and ...

Sorry I don't have the rest of that sentence. Newsday wants me to subscribe to get access to it. Anyway, I think the gist is there. Thanks for putting it so close to the top, Mr. Glauber.

If the report's true, that's a pretty solid indication that Favre plans to be back in 2010. Contradicting that, of course, is that Favre keeps telling the public that he's unsure about a return, but that could all be a giant fib so that he can sit out training camp without having to say, "You know, I just don't want to go through training camp."

I'll just go ahead and apologize now to those of you who believe Brett Favre is incapable of telling a lie. Sorry.

In any case, the wooing of Childress and Favre failed to pay off as Tomlinson is now a Jet. More than the presence of absence of Favre, I think it's probably because Tomlinson saw more of an opportunity for playing time behind Shonn Greene(notes) that he did behind Adrian Peterson.

Gracias, PFT.

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