Report: Aaron Hernandez was in SUV that circled 2012 homicide victims before their deaths

Eric Edholm

New evidence from a recently released warrant indicated why former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been named as a suspect in a 2012 double homicide, according to a Hartford Courant report. The accused killer is believed to have been inside an SUV that circled a block waiting for two eventual victims to enter their own vehicle before the drive-by shooting.

The victims were Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado, who were shot dead when a silver SUV drove up next to the victims' car at a stoplight and someone from the car fired five or six shots, killing two and injuring another one of five men in the car. What the warrant does not indicate is whether evidence points directly to Hernandez being the trigger man.

Surveillance footage from Boston nightclub Cure Lounge showed Hernandez and Alexander Bradley were on the scene the night of the killings. Bradley later filed a civil lawsuit, which accused Hernandez of shooting him in the eye last February.

There is no direct connection in the warrant between Hernandez and the shooting victims Abreu and Furtado, and no motive for the killings is listed. But the warrant is the first issued public record in this homicide investigation — no charges have been filed — and it clearly points to the detailed actions of Hernandez on the night in question.

The report suggests that Hernandez and Bradley left the club prior to Abreu and Furtado and circled around the nightclub, waiting for their departure. It's not indicated in the warrant, as had been written in prior reports, whether the two sets of men had an altercation during the 10 minutes Hernandez was inside the club.

Although Boston police have not filed charges in the case, the warrant indicates that Hernandez is at the center of the investigation. The SUV used by the killers later was found at the house of Hernandez's uncle, and the .38-caliber weapon believed to have been used in the killing later was found in the trunk of a woman who claimed that "football players" left it there.