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Reggie Bush bashes the women of Buffalo; Miss Buffalo responds definitively

Doug Farrar
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Reggie Bush had best keep his helmet on at all times this Thursday. (Getty Images)

The upcoming "Thursday Night Football" matchup between the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills isn't likely to set the world on fire. As much as our friends at the NFL Network won't appreciate that ... well, that's the luck of the draw. You get a game between two middle-tier teams, buzz is a hard thing to come by at times. However, there is a larger issue at hand here.

We're not sure what it is about the city of Buffalo, N.Y., that gets so far up the noses of the rest of the AFC East, but it's pretty apparent that the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce shouldn't look up anyone from the New England Patriots or Miami Dolphins for any tourism commercials.

Last February, Pats quarterback Tom Brady took a jab at Buffalo hotels, and Dolphins running back Reggie Bush upped the ante this week by insulting the women of that fine city.

During a recent appearance on Miami's "Paul and Young Ron Show," Bush managed to get himself in hot water with the female population of an entire city. After discussing the fact that he was benched in Miami's 37-3 Sunday loss to the Tennessee Titans, Bush was prodded by the hosts to opine on other matters.

There was a brief discussion about the fact that Thursday's game will be played in Buffalo's cold environs, which caused one of the hosts to hypothesize that the women in the stands would be topless. The other host said, "You don't want to see that," to which the first host replied, "No. God, no."

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This is the reigning Miss Buffalo. She likes to shoot guns. Watch it, Reggie! (

Bush could have shined that one on, but he chimed right in with "Not Buffalo women!"

Bush then tried to fob it off as a joke on his Twitter account, but we suspect that the ladies of Buffalo (who were once mythologized by David Lee Roth) will not be laughing.

For Mr. Bush's reference, we give you the reigning Miss Buffalo: 22-year-old Lonna McCary (@LonnaLu, at her request) is a former Buffalo Jills cheerleader, a Dean's List student at Hilbert College, and an aficionado of "rifle-shooting and law enforcement."

Shutdown Corner was contacted by Ms. McCary, and here's what she had to say about the whole thing:

"These people who write disparaging remarks about Buffalo obviously haven't spent enough time here to pass judgement.  Buffalo was once one of the most prosperous cities on the East Coast. Like them or not the Buffalo Bills, attended four straight Super Bowls in a row.  I believe the negative attitude players who come to Buffalo have is half the reason we have suffered this long playoff drought.  Yeah, it's cold here, but get over it. You're living millions of kids' dreams, so get out there and play.

"Oh yeah, and Bills are going to win by three or more tomorrow night!"

It's safe to say that the Bills' leaky run defense might not be Mr. Bush's primary concern if he runs into Ms. McCary. At the very least, it would provide one semi-interesting talking point for what would otherwise be a fairly pedestrian game.

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