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Referee’s profanity heard loud and clear by television audience and crowd at stadium

Frank Schwab
Shutdown Corner

There are many profane words said on a football field during the heat of battle, and officials evidently drop a few swear words too.

After an illegal substitution penalty was called in the fourth quarter of a tight game between Miami and Indianapolis, back judge Greg Wilson asked for a conference with referee Tony Corrente, apparently to discuss the spot of the ball.

The only problem was that Corrente hadn't turned off his microphone after announcing the penalty.

When Wilson said something about the spot, Corrente argued back and used a swear word that was audible to the television audience on CBS and over the loudspeaker at Lucas Oil Stadium. CBS announcer Kevin Harlan apologized right away to the audience. The Associated Press reported that another obscenity said by Corrente before the conference was audible to the crowd at the stadium, but was not heard on CBS.

The incident, while unfortunate, shows players aren't the only ones on the field who get a bit wound up in the final minutes of a close game.

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