Rarely-used Tampa Bay touchdown cannon spooks everybody still left in the stadium

Jay Busbee
October 25, 2013

One of Raymond James Stadium's defining features is its large pirate ship, which features cannons that blast at every Buccaneer touchdown. As you can imagine, said cannons have been rather silent in this 0-7 year. So perhaps one of the mateys on deck at the good ship HMS Dale Mabry Boulevard, or whatever its name is, decided, screw it, let's just start blastin'.

As you can see, the unexpected explosion gave Cam Newton his biggest scare of the night, and the NFL Network guys actually had reason for an over-the-top cackle.

It was reminiscent of the NCAA Final Four's championship game earlier this year, where Rick Pitino ducked and covered at the sound of the confetti cannon:

You know, these flinch-at-explosion gags aren't quite as funny as they were a few years ago, but still ... long as everybody's safe, we can chuckle at 'em.

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