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Randy Moss appears to be available

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The Patriots have been free to announce any deal they had with Randy Moss for the last 11 hours or so, but no announcement has come. This could mean one of three things.

1) The Patriots have no deal in place with Moss, are content to let him walk, and he's about to sign elsewhere for a whole lot of money.

2) The Patriots are waiting to see what someone else offers Moss, and then decide whether or not they want to match it.

3) The Patriots do have a deal in place with Moss, but are just screwing with everyone, while Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick sit back and laugh while lesser teams try to land Moss.

"Look at that, the Eagles are trying to sign him! How cute! 'Randy, come play for us, we have Hank Baskett at WR to draw all the attention away from you!'

'Look, now the Titans are trying! 'Hey, come play for us, we have Vince Young! He's just as good as Tom Brady' Hahahahahahaha!"

"Oh, this is hilarious and pathetic. Should we just announce this deal already?"

"Nah, let's wait and see if the Colts try."
Sid Hartman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote last night that the Patriots had Moss "signed, sealed, and delivered," but I've not seen anything like that reported anywhere else. So I'm going to choose not to believe Sid for the moment. Sorry, Sid.

At least it's made the free agent period a little more intriguing. It'll be interesting to see where this one goes.

Moss heads class of free agents / Yahoo! Sports
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