Rams draft safety Mo Alexander, who used to work as a janitor at Edward Jones Dome

Frank Schwab
May 10, 2014
Rams draft safety Mo Alexander, who used to work as a janitor at Edward Jones Dome

Mo Alexander had quite a journey to get drafted by the St. Louis Rams.

Before Alexander was a 220-pound safety for Utah State, he was a janitor at Edward Jones Dome. Yep, he'll be going from cleaning up the Rams' home stadium to playing in it.

Rams general manager Les Snead talked about how excited Alexander, who is from St. Louis, is to join his hometown team.

"I think you love the passion that, ‘I really want this opportunity,’ so I think he’s really, really jacked to be a Ram because it means something to him," Snead said, according to the team's transcript.

Alexander's story isn't completely out of central casting for a Disney movie. He was out of football in 2012, after he punched a teammate in the face at a party and was ordered to serve a year in jail, although all but 45 days of the sentence were suspended. He was expelled from the Utah State team before the 2012 season, and that's when he spent part of his time working with the cleaning crew of the Edward Jones Dome. Alexander was reinstated to Utah State's team by a new coaching staff for the 2013 season.

"It made me the man I am today," Alexander said of the ordeal. "It’s a lesson learned. Me and my teammate, we’re great friends, it was a mistake. The Rams organization they know about it, and it made me a better man today."

Give him credit for making the most of his second chance. He wanted to be more than a janitor who had blown a football career. He said being drafted by the Rams was a dream come true. The time spent cleaning up after games pushed him.

"That’s what really motivated me, seeing myself working there and being around that field," Alexander said. "I’ve done that since I was a younger kid, it’s just a dream come true. Every time I went to work, I always sat on the end of the field, and I looked at it like, ‘This could be my dream spot.’ Look where I’m at now."

The draft is full of unusual stories. The tale of Alexander going from cleaning up the Edward Jones Dome to playing in it qualifies as one.

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