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The Rams and Dolphins would probably like Jeff Fisher to make up his mind soon

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Jeff Fisher (Getty Images)

If you haven't been following the rumors surrounding the eventual employer of head coaching superstar Jeff Fisher, here's the short version: First it was the Rams, then it was the Dolphins, and now, according to Jay Glazer, Jeff Fisher is "truly torn," so for heaven's sake, someone tape him back together!

Sorry. But yeah, Fisher was the biggest and brightest name on the list of available coaches, so it's a little bit of a surprise that it's taken this long for him to find a home. But he's in a position to do that if he wants, because he's the prettiest girl in school, and the Rams and Dolphins are fighting over who gets to take him to prom. He can just sit back and enjoy the chocolates, flowers and poems while they sweat it out.

According to the various rumors out there, most recently from Glazer and Mike Lombardi, here are some pros and cons for each organization.

Miami Dolphins:

• There's better talent in place right now.

• More money.

• They won't be moving, whereas the Rams might, and Fisher wants no part of that.

St. Louis Rams:

Sam Bradford, plus the second pick in the draft.

• More freedom in terms of personnel and organizational structure

• Less pressure to win immediately; less media scrutiny.

Those appear to be the issues, and according to Glazer, the possibility of a Rams move to Los Angeles is something Fisher would really hate. He was with the Titans/Oilers when they moved from Memphis to Nashville, and it's not an experience he wants to relive.

The Dolphins and Rams wait patiently. Take your time, princess.

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