Raiders fan ‘Dr. Death’ gives great speech to Oakland City Council in full costume

Frank Schwab

There's really nothing that sums up the Oakland Raiders better than this clip.

Raiders fan "Dr. Death," standing up in front of the Oakland City Council, offering a really well thought out and passionate plea to build a new stadium, all while wearing a jersey, shoulder pads and a hard hat with daggers coming out of it. With silver and black face paint, of course.

It's a funny visual, but his points are measured and solid. He brings up Oakland's unemployment rate and crime rate, but says that a new stadium will bring in jobs and tax revenue.

At about 1:25 of the video at the top of the post, he hushes the cheering crowd like a quarterback trying to call an audible at the line. And they all go silent. Dr. Death gets respect.

The Raiders (and baseball's A's) are in need of a new stadium, because Coliseum is showing its age. A development team is working to build up the Coliseum complex, and this week the City Council voted unanimously to extend by a year that team's contract with the city, the Oakland Tribune said. There are hopes this leads to a new stadium in Oakland.

If that happens, there would be a lot of fans – many who dress like Dr. Death on Sundays in the fall – who would be quite happy.

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