The Raiders defense has gone X-rated

Shutdown Corner

The Raiders have reason to feel pretty good about themselves, sitting at 2-1 and having just beaten the Jets. Richard Seymour's feeling pretty about the defense, too, particularly its physical nature.

If you've seen Seymour throwing up the crossed arms like he's doing in the picture to your right, it has a meaning. I'll let Seymour and Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee explain:

Richard Seymour didn't wait until the late-night hour to get "X-rated."

The Raiders defensive tackle was in that mood around 1 p.m. on Sunday when he saluted fans during pregame introductions by crossing his forearms about his head.

"When I throw up the 'X,' that means it's time to put the kids to bed," Seymour said. "It's X-rated out there. That means if you're 13 and under, don't watch this."

The X-rated defense. I like it. It's intimidating. It sounds cool. It comes with a handy gesture.

I guess we'll worry later about the fact that the Raiders are 28th in the league in scoring defense, and that they're also 28th in the league in yards allowed per game. And worst in the league in rushing defense, allowing 185 ground yards per game. And that they give up 5.5 a carry. These are worries for another day.

I think "The X-rated defense" could stick, provided it becomes as good as the Killer B's, Orange Crush, No Name Defense, or Monsters of the Midway. That may or may not happen.