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Tarvaris Jackson agreed to sign with the Seahawks, and Matt Leinart is considering it. Matt Hasselbeck, most recently a Seahawk, has reportedly agreed with the Tennessee Titans. Tyler Thigpen will evidently be a Buffalo Bill. Donovan McNabb could be on his way to the Vikings, if he agrees to a new contract.

Still out there are Vince Young, Kyle Orton and Kevin Kolb. Still in need of a quarterback are (including, but not limited to) the Arizona Cardinals, Washington Redskins, Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings, even if they do get McNabb.

It's likely that all those situations will get resolved Wednesday, unless the Eagles decide to hold the Cardinals over a barrel for Kolb, which they could, since other options for the Cardinals are disappearing rapidly.

Every one of these transactions deserves its own analysis, and we'll get to all of them eventually. The one that mildly surprises me is Matt Hasselbeck to the Titans. Not because I thought he would've stayed in Seattle (especially after their Monday trip to Big Lots where they picked up Matt Leinart and Tarvaris Jackson), but because I didn't think he'd want a situation where he'd clearly be a caretaker/stopgap until a younger quarterback is ready.

And that's exactly what he has in Tennessee. Crash Davis might call it "holding the Flavor Of The Month's (hand) in the bush leagues." I don't know the details of his agreement, and maybe he's getting starter money for more than one year, but I'd have guessed Hasselbeck wanted to run his own show.

It's a nice get for Tennessee. They go from a Vince Young/Kerry Collins combo to a Matt Hasselbeck/Jake Locker combo. Most would consider that an upgrade.

Oh, and one more note: None of this is official. Guys can't officially sign contracts until Friday. So, um, consider every single word of this subject to change! My delete key is stretching and warming up.

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