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Phil Savage cops to sending rude (yet perfectly justified) e-mail

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I was waiting to comment on Deadspin's story about Browns general manager Phil Savage shooting off a "[fudge] you" e-mail to a rude and abusive fan, because it seemed slightly far-fetched. My guess what that someone was straight up trying to make him look bad, or that someone else sent the e-mail, but I was wrong. Savage copped to it today.

Here's the story, first unearthed by man-beast A.J. Daulerio. A fan sent the following e-mail to Phil Savage during the Browns game against Buffalo on Monday night:

You are easily the worst GM in the NFL. Chud, Crennel and Tucker should NOT have jobs. How the hell do you play prevent defense the entire game? How do you NOT use Jerome Harrison more? Why the hell would you throw the ball with 6 minutes left? This is officially a regime that is worse than Butch Davis'. By the way, just like last week - this email was written while the Browns still had the lead.

And Savage quickly fired back this e-mail:

Go root for Buffalo - f#@* you

Well then.

Lord knows I've never been in a position where a stranger could abusively criticize my job performance with the complete protection of anonymity, so I can't relate at all to what Savage must've felt when he got that e-mail. I know I've never wanted to send an e-mail like the one Savage sent. Nuh uh. No sir. Never.

Of course, Savage's job is one that falls directly under the public eye, so he and everyone else with such a job has to accept things like this as coming with the territory. No matter how much he's tempted, he's got to rise above. Better to just send the guy back a standard form letter inviting him to go ahead and place an order for season tickets next year and go on with his day.

A firable offense, though? Heck no. At the end of the day, one rude guy was told a rude thing. This is not something that upsets the delicate balance of the universe. No harm, no foul.

It might not help Savage in the court of public opinion, though, which is where his employment status is largely decided.

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