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Is Peyton Manning beloved enough?

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At The Fifth Down yesterday, KC Joyner published a list of reasons why he felt like Peyton Manning isn’t as revered as some other quarterbacks, namely Brett Favre(notes), Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana or Tom Brady(notes).

It made me wonder a little bit, because I’ve always thought Peyton was included in that group by the general public. Certainly, there would be some dissenters, just as there would be for any of the other guys, but I think the overwhelming majority of sane fans think Peyton’s in that group.

Am I wrong? Have I somehow developed a warped view of how most fans view Peyton Manning(notes)?

I haven’t taken a nationwide poll or anything, but everyone I’ve ever watched football with holds Peyton Manning in a light where I think they should; that is, at or near the top of the list of the best quarterbacks playing today, and among the greatest to ever play. That’s been my experience.

Am I wrong? I guess I’m asking you to let me know in the comments … where do you and your football pals think Peyton Manning fits among today’s quarterbacks? Not if you like him or dislike him, but can we agree that he’s one of the best?

If there is some widely-held belief out there that Peyton Manning isn’t that good, I feel like someone should do something about it, because the people who did believe that would be really, really wrong.

Joyner’s list includes things like Manning’s neverending pre-snap routine, his appearance in every commercial produced since 2005, and the time he blamed his offensive line for a playoff loss. It reads like a list of reasons why some people might find Peyton Manning annoying, which would totally be their right.

But couldn’t we make a similar list for any quarterback who’s ever been popular? I’ll start making the Brett Favre list right now. Certainly, there are people out there who wouldn’t have any trouble listing reasons they don’t like Tom Brady. But we’ve still got to acknowledge that they are or were great quarterbacks, right?

I just want to see where everyone stands on this one.

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