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The petition to get Chris Johnson paid

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As a society, we've been able to achieve so many amazing things through online petitions, like — wait, actually, I think I have that wrong. Yes. I do. It's actually nothing that we've accomplished through online petitioning.

But I don't want to ruin anyone's good time. There's a Chris Johnson fan out there who wants to start an online movement to try to convince the Tennessee Titans to redo Chris Johnson's contract, and I say more power to him. He's launched the PayCJ2K petition at, under the following statement:

Everyone seems to be getting a new contract but, why not the most exciting player in the league? Titans pay him! Show your support, lets help him get the money he deserves. Spread the word!

Chris Johnson himself even retweeted it, and as of this second, there are 945 signatures. I guess it's gathering a little steam.

I'm not going to sign it. First, because it's an online petition; and second, I try not to put a lot of effort into making already pretty rich people into super rich people.

It's not that I don't want Chris Johnson to get his money. I absolutely do. He has way, way, way outperformed his rookie contract, and given how short running-back careers can be, and the way teams are so quick to cast aside veteran runners these days, I'm all for the Titans giving Chris Johnson a ridiculous amount of money. And if Johnson has to hold out to get it, I'm all for that, too. Get yours, my man.

I just don't think an online petition is going to sway the Titans organization. Even if the sentiment is correct in this particular case, fan outrage voiced on the Internet generally doesn't change the mind of NFL front offices. That's probably a good thing.

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