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The people of Wisconsin are so sweet

Shutdown Corner

The fellow's name is Gordon "Red" Batty. He's 49 years old, and has been an equipment manager for 37 years, which puts him in the business at the ripe young age of 12. He's a lifer, and he might very well be the best manager of equipment that the world has ever known. Anyway, it was very sweet of him to find Lawrence Tynes and give him that ball, and I admire his good-natured Wisconsin hospitality.

If the situation was reversed, though, and Packers kicker Mason Crosby made a game winner in Giants stadium? The only way he'd ever see that ball again is if a drunk fellow named Lenny picked it up, wrapped it in double-sided tape, rolled it through broken glass, hunted Crosby down and beat him to death with it.

(This post got goofed up earlier ... my apologies)

• NFL: Packer equipment manager secures gift for Tynes / Honolulu Advertiser

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