Patriots-Ravens will apparently be quite windy, judging by goal posts bending in the gusts

Frank Schwab
January 20, 2013

Wind will be a factor in New England today, especially judging from the goal posts on the nearby practice fields that look like they're going to topple over.

The Patriots tweeted out a picture that it said was the goal posts on the practice fields, which are near Gillette Stadium. So (if the picture is legitimate and not a fake, of course), good luck to the kickers trying to line up a field goal, considering the uprights might not be in the same position after they've kicked.

It will be interesting to see how the weather affects the AFC Championship Game.

While the initial thought might be that it affects the Patriots more, considering they passed about five more times per game in the regular season than the Ravens, it could be a big factor for Baltimore's deep passing game. The Ravens beat the Broncos throwing deep, and that is one area that Joe Flacco could attack in the Patriots' defense. That won't be so easy with the wind whipping.

The Weather Channel said about 90 minutes before kickoff that winds were 15 miles an hour in Foxboro, with gusts up to 21 miles an hour. A meteorologist at WBAL-TV in Baltimore said gusts could reach 50 miles an hour with a cold front coming in.

Depending how bad the wind gets, it could be a major story in the late game of Championship Sunday.