Patriots owner Robert Kraft also couldn’t believe Bill Belichick didn’t take the ball in overtime

Frank Schwab
Shutdown Corner

There was a kerfuffle in Patriot owner Robert Kraft's box on Sunday night right after the coin flip in overtime.

Like most of America, Kraft assumed that the Patriots would take the ball once they won the coin toss, because that's what almost always happens. Then Belichick decided he'd rather kick off to the Broncos and Peyton Manning, because he wanted the Patriots to have the strong wind at their backs, and the Patriots owner and friends were as incredulous as everyone else at home.

‘‘When Bill chose the wind, I said, ‘What is he doing?'" Kraft said, according to the Boston Herald. ‘‘Someone (in my box) said, ‘Don’t you have a phone down there?’"

There are few things funnier than the mental image of Kraft calling down to the sideline during that game against the Broncos trying to see if it's too late to tell the officials he made a mistake and really wants the ball.

The debated move ended up working out. The Patriots stopped the Broncos on that first drive, and they eventually won the game after the Broncos lost a fumble on a punt, setting up a game-winning field goal.

Kraft was curious enough about the move that he asked Belichick why he did it.

"I spoke with (Belichick) and chatted about it with him afterward, and once again, he was on top of things," Kraft said. "What they figured out was, by choosing the wind, it was an incremental 20 yards that they needed to be able to kick, and sure enough, it was a very wise decision."

Kraft told the Herald it was an "all-time special" win and compared it to one of the iconic wins in franchise history.

‘‘You know, I think of the snow game (in the 2001 playoffs), the last game ever played in the old stadium,’’ Kraft said. ‘‘But after that one, this one, given who was playing on the other side, given their record, given the rivalry of Tommy (Brady) and Peyton, it was pretty cool.’’

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