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Patriots fans still harping on this 'We got robbed!' business

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Someone out there presents this Power Point presentation to you as evidence that the Patriots deserved to win Super Bowl XLII, but had it stolen from them by the officials.

I, on the other hand, present this Power Point presentation to you as evidence that at least a few Patriots fans out there are delusional and have a great deal of difficulty grasping reality.

It's a collection of photos that supposedly show the Giants cheating on the Manning-to-Tyree play (by the way, have we decided on a name for that yet? Is it too late to throw "The David Ty-Squeeze" into the mix?).

The author contends that the photos show "clear" evidence of facemask and holding penalties, but I'm not sure I see it. On the "facemasking" photos, you see a bunch of hands near facemasks, possibly under them, but in none of the pictures do you definitely see fingers clutching a facemask.

On the holding penalties ... yeah, maybe. But you're really going to blame the loss on one or two missed holding calls? That's your big trump card? There were only, what, a few thousand holds that weren't called in the NFL this year?

I realize it's not all Patriots fans, and that most of you have moved on and shifted into Red Sox mode already. Some of you, though, seem like Seahawks fans, but with more of a sense of entitlement and less justification for your whining.

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