Partying Seahawks fans wait for green light before spilling into the street to celebrate

Kevin Kaduk

The city of Seattle hadn't won a world title in any of the "Big Four" sports since 1979 and its citizens responded to the Seahawks' Super Bowl win by taking to the streets to celebrate. The Seattle Times reports that about "half a dozen" people were arrested in celebrations around the city and that some fans started small fires and threw bottles and rocks at the police in Pioneer Square. The Seattle police also reported two shootings, but had yet to determine if they were tied to the Super Bowl celebrations. 

Despite the unrest in that particular location, Seahawks fans in other locales behaved themselves and partied responsibly. The above video comes from the Ballard neighborhood and shows a mass of people waiting for the light to turn green — make that "action green" — before spilling into the street to celebrate.

Wouldn't want to spoil a historic night with a jaywalking ticket, after all. 

Meanwhile, others took to Twitter to poke fun at Seattle's reputation as a green-and-granola wonderland with the #HowSeattleRiots hashtag:





By all means, go ahead and enjoy this one Seattle. No one's going to notice if you delayed your juice cleanse by a day or two. 

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