Panthers and Bears need rules refresher as two-point conversion gets returned for nothing

Frank Schwab
October 29, 2012

In college, if a blocked extra point or botched two-point conversion gets picked up by the defense, the defense can return it for two points.

Someone might want to tell the Panthers and Bears the rules are different in the NFL, because neither team seemed to understand that.

Panthers cornerback Josh Norman intercepted a two-point conversion pass attempt by Jay Cutler with the Bears leading 20-19. That meant the play was dead. Both teams just played on.

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Norman took off for the other end zone, with his teammates hustling to pick up blocks. The Bears took off in pursuit. Cutler chased the play all the way down the field. Teammates like tight end Kellen Davis and guard Lance Louis hustled all the way down the field to try to make a play. Norman is a rookie, so his ignorance can be explained, but others flying downfield have been in the NFL for a long time (this means you, Jay). Once Norman knew he wouldn't be caught -- this is really the funniest part -- he dove into the end zone in celebration. He was really celebrating that he just ran 100 yards for absolutely no reason and his team still trailed by a point.


Both teams could use a little study time with the rule book this week, it seems, although the players will probably remember from now on that you can't return failed two-point conversions.

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