Panthers' Greg Hardy turned in his guns and they are, um, big and scary

Eric Edholm
May 16, 2014

Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy was arrested this week for domestic abuse, and the alleged victim said that Hardy shoved her onto a couch full of guns.

Hardy turned over some of those weapons to police on Friday a day after a judge ordered him to do so as an amendment to his bond for domestic violence charges.

Are these the type of rifles people go hunting quail with? Here's the list of them in case you can't read the photo: a Tavor SAR; L1A1 Sporter; POF P-415; ISSC MK-22; SSAR SBS, ISSC MK-22; Highlander; Century Arms Inc. AK 149; Mossberg 590; and a Benelli M-4.

(Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review has a nice little gallery of the weapons in question.)

All 10 guns he turned over were deemed legal, and North Carolina law does not require a license to own a gun — just a permit to purchase and carry a concealed weapon, information which is protected by state law.

Earlier in the day, Panthers head coach Ron Rivera defended Hardy's character by calling him a "heck of a young man" before calling the incident a "pending" matter several times and deflecting any other talk about it.

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