Packers safety hasn’t had a haircut in seven years


Fourth-round draft choice Jerron McMillian is trying to nail down a starting spot in the Packers secondary. In this quest, he'll have no trouble getting noticed by coaches, though they might not know his name.

There's seven years worth of hair obscuring it.

Those are his dreads to your right, each one with the length and tensile strength to be used as a tow chain. They go halfway down his back, covering his name and half his uniform number. The former Maine Black Bear is not considering a cut anytime soon.

It's starting to become something of a tradition for the Packers to have defensive backs with expansive locks. Al Harris was the godfather of the look, and there was also Atari Bigby. There's Clay Matthews, too, who brings the look to the linebacker corps. A.J. Hawk used to be on the bandwagon, but he made the proverbial trip to Supercuts recently.

The obvious problem with having long hair as an NFL player is that opponents are allowed to grab it and use it as a convenient Jerron McMillian handle. Has that happened, Jerron?

"Many times on many occasions," McMillian said. "It sucks when it happens, but after a while you get used to it. Sometimes it doesn't hurt. Sometimes you don't realize it until later on (watching film) that he grabbed my hair.

"Sometimes, I'll go to tackle somebody or they'll try to block me, then they try to grab my jersey or my hair. But I don't mind it."

Just say it, man. Yes, it's incredibly painful when someone tries to weed my scalp, but I look awesome, the ladies love it, and it makes me easy to pick out on TV. Deal with it.

Just please don't tell this lady.

Gracias, Paul Imig, Fox Sports Wisconsin.