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Orlando station apologizes for having to show Jacksonville Jaguars game

Frank Schwab
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Many Jacksonville Jaguars fans told us this week how great their support is. But, their team is something south of terrible. And apparently not everyone in Orlando is thrilled that they have to watch the Jaguars on television.

The most appealing game of the Week 2 afternoon slate is obviously Broncos-Giants, the Manning Bowl. The Raiders vs. the Jaguars has almost no appeal, unless you're in Jacksonville quarterback Chad Henne's immediate family.

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The NFL has rules about regional coverage, and Orlando is getting the Jaguars game. Whether they like it or not. And based on this scroll during the Dolphins-Colts game (as pointed out on Deadspin), it appears many people are telling the CBS affiliate there they don't like it. This image at the top of this post comes from ryan_tolley on Instagram.

We're not sure, but that might be the first time a television station has apologized for having to show the local team. That should boost the ratings.

For reference, here are the unlucky folks who have to be subjected to Raiders-Jaguars, better known as the Teddy Bridgewater Bowl (from The red is for Giants-Broncos, and the blue is for the game nobody wants to see (gray signifies no local game on CBS):

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Don't worry, readers in Orlando. We'll let you know how the Manning Bowl turns out.

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