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'Ochocinco' will adorn the back of his jersey

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The Bengals wide receiver who was born "Chad Johnson" finally gets his wish this season for a really clever and awesome name on the back of his jersey. Sort of.

I think he wanted "Ocho Cinco," which is Spanish for "Eight Five." He'll be settling for "Ochocinco," though, which is just as nonsensical in Spanish as it is in English.

Why doesn't he get the two-word version he wanted? Because that's not how he filled out the form. He wrote "Ochocinco" on the legally binding name-change document in Florida, so that's his legal name, and that's what will be on his jersey. One might think that when a man changes his name for the rest of eternity, he'd be pretty careful when filling out the form. Guess not.

He wanted to make the change last year, but couldn't, because Reebok had already printed up all the "C. Johnson" jerseys that they planned to sell in '08, and if Chad wanted to change, he'd have had to pay for them all. The coast is clear in '09, though, the NFL and Reebok are on board, and are, in fact, already selling the Ochocinco jerseys.

I hope it's worth it for him. I hope whatever thrill or giggle he gets out of taking the field with "Ochocinco" on the back of his jersey makes him as happy as he thought it would. At this point, I don't think it amuses anyone else all that much.

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